1. Oh My God…

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  2. Do you know who this is? If you do can you tell me?

    SUBMISSION: No I don’t know who it is unfortunately. However I do know that his eyes aren’t different colours, they’re both blue, ones edited. He’s still gorgeous though! <3 

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    Russian fashion/fitness model, Serge Henir (aka Hercules X) doing a wank video (gifs by mercuryjones)

    Oh my god! He’s my favourite model.

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    Reblog this guy all the time. He is so sexy! And he is aussie!?! :D

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    “And as long as I got my suit and tie, I’ma leave it all on the floor tonight.”

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    austin sanderson

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  10. “RED HOT" photo series by Thomas Knights
    Marc Goldfinger
    Henry Hatherley
    Jake Barratt
    Vernon Francois
    Jake Hold
    Jonny Burt
    Tom Macnally
    Conor McLaughlin
    Oliver John Dale


    RED HOTproject by Thomas Knights

    Showcasing a positive outlook on the red-haired male, and aiming to re-brand the ginger male stereotype along the way.

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  12. Carrionrogue.tumblr.com